At HS Reflections, we understand that finishing touches are essential in presenting rooms of refinement. HS Reflections sheds a new light on your building and design projects. HS Reflections is a company priding itself on quality and service. This quality is clearly evident in all of the items in our extensive range, from crystal chandeliers and downlights, to LED lighting, modern and outdoor lighting products. Visit our showroom and let HS Reflections light up your world.

HS Reflections is both owned and operated by Daniel Ho. Daniel has extensive experience in lighting design and making lighting accentuate your home and living environment. If you have plans available please bring them into our store where Daniel or one of our other consultants can best design a lighting plan to suit both your  form and functional requirements.

With our massive import power and diverse range of suppliers HS Reflections is able to offer our customers low priced lighting that can rarely be matched in Perth. Our Perth lighting designs range from landscape lighting through to gold plated crystal chandeliers. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone in our store.


The consultation service from HS Reflections to the client is complimentary, prior to an organised appointment. It is of course, obligation free. At our main showroom in Malaga, all clients are able to experience and view all light fittings on and off. We are also able to show clients pictures of most feature lights in situ with the aid of our computer facilities onsite. We import the majority of our stock from international wholesalers, giving us access to the latest lighting designs at very reasonable prices. This allows us to customise orders based on the client’s specifications. Known for our impressive crystal chandeliers, big and small, we also have a diverse modern range of fittings for both the interior and exterior of the home.

It is our focus to develop lifestyles not just houses, teamed with our attention to detail that gives HS Reflections its exceptional reputation of providing first class service and excellent prices.